Running Day 2 – Harder this time

Getting up and out of bed wasn’t very easy for me.  My leg muscles were tired from yesterday’s unusual exertion and I had one of the worst nights of sleep in months.  I woke up no less than 4 times and the last time I was drenched in sweat.  Weird.  Looks like I may take a nap later today.

I hit the track around 5:30AM this morning better prepared.  I had sync’d my iPod with our Mac at home which has a much better music selection and I even brought a bottle of water with me.  The walk home yesterday was awful without water.  I did a full lap to warm up the muscles and walked a half a lap as a cool down.  Everything seemed in working order, so I pushed on with the idea of running two laps before a cool down.  I pushed that aside when I felt strong starting the third lap and continued all of the way through lap four–one mile!

The one mile point is psycological benefit.  It *feels* like a real accomplishment.  Next stop, two miles!

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