Daily Archives: August 18, 2006

MacOS X 10.04 Revisited

For fun, I’m restoring [the new Mac](http://houseofwarwick.com/?p=61) using the Software Restore discs and that means MacOS X 10.0.4.  It’s been several years since I used a pre-Jaguar MacOS and I’m wondering if it’s as bad as I remember.  This machine would have been a mid-range Mac at the time and should run it well especially taking in to account the gigabyte of RAM on board.

I’ll post some screenshots when I get things running.  After this, I’ll go to Jaguar (10.2) and Panther (10.3) and finally Tiger (10.4).

PS:  If you’re a MacOS developer reading this, what’s a good way to set up the machine to boot multiple MacOS versions?  This machine will boot all MacOS versions from 9 to 10.4 so I’m thinking it’s *perfect* for dev work.

A new Mac in the house

When Tammy lost her job, I let them know that I’d be interested in buying her old Mac from work.  It’s a PowerMac G4 “Quicksilver” from 2001–the base 733Mhz model–and the called this week to say “come get it”.  We dipped in to savings for it and I’m glad we did.  While the iBook I have runs well, it’s a G3/700 and it’s showing it’s age.  Using Xcode on a 12.1″ LCD screen is an exercise in patience and the compile speed is slower than I’d like.

The new machine is much faster and supports most core MacOS technologies even though it’s 5 years old.  Considering the price, it was a bargain.  I wish I had money for a modern Intel-based Mac, but this will have to do for now.

It needs a name.  The iBook remains “brubeck” and the iPod is still “tjader”.  What should I call it?  The rules:

* A great jazz musician

* Easy to pronounce

* Clever tie in to the hardware or my personality


Running on Empty

Stealing a song title from Tammy…

I ran again this morning, starting off with a 1 mile run after a light warmup then finishing with a half mile jog.  My stamina has increased slightly and tomorrow I’ll try the reverse order or maybe see if I can stretch it to a mile and a half before stopping.

It’s easy to see how daily running success can be addicting.  It’s a good habit to have.

By the way, I’m not going to prattle on each day about running.  Don’t unsubscribe quite yet.