Daily Archives: August 22, 2006

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker on sale for $174.99

*Update: you’re too late–it was only a two day sale.*

If you’ve been thinking about getting a smoker, now’s the time.

Amazon has the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker on sale for just under $175. It’s what [Matt](http://kerner.net) and I use for smoking meats and fish and it’s fantastic. The $175 price is cheaper than what I paid for mine and a bargain for the quality.

Bottom line: If you already are a “griller”, buy a smoker. You won’t be sorry.

2500 Meter Milestone

Today I ran 2500 meters (or about 1.5 miles) without stopping at a good pace. I was not significantly winded afterwards and my time was around 18 minutes based on my iPod clock. I really need to get a stopwatch!


* The run itself was routine and that’s a good thing. It means that my body is starting to acclimate itself to the new exercise. I like that feeling.


* I need an orthotic insert for my running shoes.
* I need my new shoes *right now*.


* I wish I had enough money for an iPod nano and the Nike kit. It sounds like a blast.