Daily Archives: August 6, 2006

Smoken Tuscan Chicken Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Tonight was a random food night. I went in the kitchen with the idea that I was going to make some type of pasta salad and instead made a simple tomato sauce and thawed some smoked chicken. The sauce was fresh tomatoes, peeled and chopped, with sweet basil, salt and peppers.

The title of the post is a bit misleading; I have no idea what Smoked Tuscan Chicken might be like. In this case it was hickory-smoked chicken from last week that simmered for about 30 minutes in the sauce before we served it. It was fantastic, with the sauce picking up some of the smoke flavor from the chicken.

'Baby, Give Me a Kiss' – Los Angeles Times

LA Times on Girls Gone Wild:

> It’s then that it hits me: This is so much bigger than Francis. In a culture where cheap and portable video technology lets everyone play at stardom, and where America’s voyeuristic appetite for reality television seems insatiable, teenagers, like the ones in this club, see cameras as validation. ‘Most guys want to have sex with me and maybe I could meet one new guy, but if I get filmed everyone could see me,’ Bultema says. ‘If you do this, you might get noticed by somebody—to be an actress or a model.’

> I ask her why she wants to get noticed. ‘You want people to say, ‘Hey, I saw you.’ Everybody wants to be famous in some way. Getting famous will get me anything I want. If I walk into somebody’s house and said, ‘Give me this,’ I could have it.’

Pitiful that people so young don’t realize that they are already giving up something very precious: their privacy and dignity.

Bucket O' Ribs

So I came up with an idea (amplified by Matt) to open a barbecue stand on the sidewalks of downtown Springfield. It would be open during lunches and during weekend nights, selling smoked spareribs like it was fair food.

Imagine in my best carney barker voice:

“2 for 3! 4 for 6! Bucket O’ Ribs!”

I’m pushing a cart with a smoker on the front and a warmer/cooler on the back. Matt says it should be shaped like a pig but I’m not sure I could push that around and keep a straight face.

Here’s the plan:

Smoke racks of pork ribs. Cut the ribs into single pieces with the bone like a stick on a corn dog. Sell 2 ribs for $3.00 and 4 ribs for $6.00 tax included, cash only. Partner up with Hickok’s Steakhouse to get the ribs and have a backup smoker. If you figure 14 ribs per rack and smoke 8 racks at once, that gives you 132 ribs–maybe 125 after “waste” or such.

Money? A rack of ribs might be $15 each, $4 in charcoal for each batch and maybe $2 a batch in spices. A full load would be $125. That means my cost is a buck a rib. Can you make any money when you get 50 cents a rib? So a full load of smoked ribs might net $62.50 in profit for say 5 hours of real work selling and tending the ribs.

A weeks worth of lunch–$50 x 5 lunch days = $250 + 2 nights (Fri, Sat) at $65 each so $300 net profit each week. Seems like a lot of work for very little gain.

Pump up the profit with soda? Maybe. You could make 50 cents a soda just like the profit on each rib with a lot less work.

More about this later. Time to think it through more.