'Baby, Give Me a Kiss' – Los Angeles Times

LA Times on Girls Gone Wild:

> It’s then that it hits me: This is so much bigger than Francis. In a culture where cheap and portable video technology lets everyone play at stardom, and where America’s voyeuristic appetite for reality television seems insatiable, teenagers, like the ones in this club, see cameras as validation. ‘Most guys want to have sex with me and maybe I could meet one new guy, but if I get filmed everyone could see me,’ Bultema says. ‘If you do this, you might get noticed by somebody—to be an actress or a model.’

> I ask her why she wants to get noticed. ‘You want people to say, ‘Hey, I saw you.’ Everybody wants to be famous in some way. Getting famous will get me anything I want. If I walk into somebody’s house and said, ‘Give me this,’ I could have it.’

Pitiful that people so young don’t realize that they are already giving up something very precious: their privacy and dignity.