Monthly Archives: September 2006

Cake Day

Kerner on Food: “What is Cake Day you ask? It’s the fourth Saturday in September and it serves as an excuse to bake a cake. This isn’t just any cake though, it’s an excuse to bake an exceptional cake – decorated to the best of your abilities.”

So what's up with Steve?

Since I’m tired and not much in the mood to write a long post, I’ll make this short. I started a new job earlier this month and that’s a good thing. It’s the right job and it looks like the right company for me. They understand the value of knowledge and they have high standards with respect to customers and products alike.

That explains why I haven’t written much original content lately. My brain has been empty, used up with the excitement of a new job and it’s corresponding challenges. I love working in a technical field but best of all, I’m working with technical *people* that push me to think harder, faster, and more creatively than I have in probably five years.

More later. Watch for a few smoker postings this weekend while I tackle Karen’s Ham Loaf. Yum!

Camera obscura “Here’s a little quiz I’ve been meaning to post. I recently stumbled on the website of an author named Chris Epting, whose next book will include modern re-creations of famous rock album covers. Specifically, he’s taking photos of the locations from classic album cover photos. (These would be even more interesting if he’d tried to duplicate lighting, angle, etc. in all cases, but they’re still great.)”