Daily Archives: August 20, 2006

Weekend Smoke (Post 3) — Pork Roast — Summary

It’s the morning after the smoke and I thought I’d share some things I learned, good and bad:

* I controlled the temp just fine. The Minion Method is perfect for using just the right amount of charcoal. This was a short cook (4 hours) and the Minion Method worked well since the internal temp of the cooker was over 110˚F before lighting. I could see a situation when the slow temp climb wouldn’t work in my favor, but it’s darn near foolproof for keeping the temp low and controlled.

* Large meat cuts need to sit out for an hour or more. I pulled the meat from the refrigerator and it sat on the counter for only 30 minutes before heading inside the smoker. The internal temp was 42˚F and that meant the smoker had to work harder to bring things up to serving temperature. At the four hour point, the temp had risen to 149˚F which I wouldn’t call idea for safety. Before serving, I reheated the 1/2 inch thick pieces I’d sliced in the microwave to 160˚F to ensure food safety. Oddly, this particular roast was very juicy but lacked flavor. That brings me to…

* Not enough barbecue/smoke flavor. I used maple wood from the yard (gasp!) and got a very small smoke ring. I think I’m a hickory person or even pecan like [Matt](http://kerner.net) uses.

* I’m ready to try the big three: ribs, brisket and pork shoulder.

* Always put the charcoal away in case it rains unexpectedly overnight.

Ken Jennings on his recent trip to the movies

ken-jennings.com: “Why is that single mom naively bringing her be-sweatered intellectual pre-teen to an R-rated movie? The Squid and the Whale might be educational, but probably not in the same way she’s thinking. The same couple who took their kid to Curious George in the first panel apparently gets a sitter when they go back the next night to spice up their marriage with some tasteful European softcore. But this time accompanied by that pervy loner in the ski jacket.”