Daily Archives: August 5, 2006

The Zen of Costco

From the best of craigslist:

First, be sure that you are prepared. Do you have The Card? What do you Need?

Next, consider the day and time. This is simply an exercise. There is no time that you can go to Costco when it will not be crowded. Accept this.

Stage one of your journey is the parking lot. The people are not looking. Do not hit them. Drive very very slowly. First gear. Slow, deep breaths. This will prepare you for the deeper stages. Patience is key in finding a parking spot. And if you are willing to back up an entire row length at 2 mph, a spot near the door can be yours.

I've finally unsubscribed from Scripting News

I took the final step in my journey away from UserLand products: I unsubscribed from Dave Winer’s Scripting News weblog. It had certainly degraded over the last two years from being about software and programming to a focus on Dave’s life and his senior years. That’s fine with me. Reading it was no longer interesting to me and I found very little that I couldn’t find somewhere else.

Friends and bloggers I read told me I should have done this months ago but I wasn’t ready to do it. After the switch to WordPress, it’s been much easier, mainly because I could stop thinking about how to tinker with my weblog software and instead think about writing.

More knitting stuff for Zarah

No, I don’t have any interest in knitting anything. I find things that friends and family would like and post them here–Zarah’s a knitter…

MAKE Magazine: “Flickr user tofuttibreak scanned in an old out of print knitting booklet that has more clear and concise knitting instructions. The simple illustrations are great. It’s a handy reference to bookmark when you just can’t remember how to cast on or do a slip stitch.”

Matt's First Stoker Smoke Underway

Kerner on Food: “My favorite feature so far has been the telnet interface. I’m hoping that it’s possible to control every function via telnet. There’s also a web interface that lets you monitor temperatures, set alarms, and targets. My setup right now is that I’ve got an alarm on my meat for 150° and the target for the smoker is 230° at the bottom grate.”