2500 Meter Milestone

Today I ran 2500 meters (or about 1.5 miles) without stopping at a good pace. I was not significantly winded afterwards and my time was around 18 minutes based on my iPod clock. I really need to get a stopwatch! Pros: * The run itself was routine and that’s a good thing. It means that […]

Running on Empty

Stealing a song title from Tammy… I ran again this morning, starting off with a 1 mile run after a light warmup then finishing with a half mile jog.  My stamina has increased slightly and tomorrow I’ll try the reverse order or maybe see if I can stretch it to a mile and a half […]

Running at 5AM

I used to like to like exercise.  When Tammy and I did the Bill Phillips “Body for Life” program, it made a real impact on us.  We lost fat weight, gained muscle weight and felt better about our lives.  Time passed and things got us out of the habit.  I’ve felt bad about that and […]