Running Update: 11 minutes

11 minutes. I was surprised to find that from a “cold start” I can easily run one mile (1600 meters) in only 11 minutes. The pace was easy on my body and breathing, a nice jog. That means I’d likely turn in a time for a 5K run around 34.5 minutes. Not bad, but I don’t think it would be competitive or even realistic. I should add 15 minutes in there for slowing down, freaking out during a race or even getting tired.

I’m talking about a 5K because I think I’m going to enter the Sunshine Run, a local 5K institution put on by the Sisters of Mercy affiliate [St. John’s]( It’s an easy race and this year, it will start and end at Hammons Field, home of the Springfield Cardinals.

I ordered new shoes from [Ridgerunner Sports]( — new Cumulus VIII to replace the pair I have now that’s nearly worn through. It’s tempting to save a few bucks and get last year’s pair from Shoe Carnival and I may do that yet. I haven’t heard from them for a few days and I can’t wait the two weeks that they thought it might take.

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