Running at 5AM

I used to like to like exercise.  When Tammy and I did the Bill Phillips “Body for Life” program, it made a real impact on us.  We lost fat weight, gained muscle weight and felt better about our lives.  Time passed and things got us out of the habit.  I’ve felt bad about that and worse, I’ve felt old, fat and lazy.  Since I can’t change the “old” part, I decided to work on the “fat” and “lazy” instead.

I set the alarm for 5AM this morning without telling Tammy.  I didn’t want to pressure her to run and I was hoping she wouldn’t want to go.  I like the solitude of running with music plus I was looking for self-motivation.  By 5:15 I was out of bed, dressed and headed to the Missouri State University campus.  I live about a 5 minute walk to the track at Plaster Sports Complex and it’s open to the general public during off hours.  I arrived to find one other runner–someone much more serious than I–doing sprints.  I got my iPod set and jammed the earbuds in place, took a deep breath and started to run.

My goal was staggers–run, then walk, then start again–and it worked well.  I did a half lap at a jog and then finished the lap walking.  Lap 2 was all running followed by a half lap walking, checking my pulse on the way down.  After the walk, it was a lap and a half, then another half lap walk and I finished with a 2 lap jog.

I’m going to try this every morning for a week and see how I feel.  I’m not training for anything specific but just trying to fight off the “fat and lazy” in my life.  Let’s hope it works.

3 thoughts on “Running at 5AM

  1. Awesome, best of luck. It feels good when you get into the flow of things. I enjoy going to the track and running (or jogging) the straight aways and walking the corners. Makes for a good workout at a decent pace.

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