WWDC Announcement Vindication

I made 4 predictions of things we might hear at the WWDC this year and so far I’ve got one right:  new Mac Pro desktops.  That one was a ‘gimmie’ but there’s still some of the keynote left.

Update at 1:14PM Central:  Now I’m two for four with the announcement of Dashcode, the widget developement environment.  That one was easy, too.

1 thought on “WWDC Announcement Vindication

  1. As we chatted about earlier (in comments of a previous blog posting) I didn’t see any indication that Apple has any movement towards a broader Windows development strategy. You had previously pointed to some compiler conditionals in the WebKit sources as proof that Apple would be releasing Safari for Windows. Given Apple’s ridiculing of Vista, and focus on driving adoption of Mac OS X with innovative APIs like Core Animation, I can’t imagine why Apple would want to invest the time, money and effort into reanimating the old Yellow Box discussion to bring software to Windows. Given all that would have to be left behind without a massive porting effort, what would be the value? Unless it’s part of the “top secret” stuff yet to be revealed — in that case, I’d put more money on Apple releasing a version of Leopard for non-Apple Intel PCs, than a cross-platform runtime strategy. But even then, Leopard only exists to drive Mac hardware sales…

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