BigCo vs SmallCo

It’s 8AM and I’m enjoying the last few days of vacation. I can call it vacation now because I can finally relax after signing offer letters and a stack of other paperwork last night. Interesting differences between a big company and a small company:

* Paperwork! There’s more paperwork but it’s useful and written well, clearly enough to help me make sense of my new obligations.
* Healthcare is better and less expensive and it becomes effective on Monday when I start.
* I don’t have to front my own money on behalf of the company. With daZZee, if I wanted to take a client to lunch, it was my money going out the door and sometimes as long as 45 days before I got it back. With CenturyTel, it’s a company credit card paying for the meal.
* There’s a company car for business travel and each car has a gas card in the glove compartment
* There’s a 401(k) saving plan *and* a pension.

1 thought on “BigCo vs SmallCo

  1. Yes! And! There is more overhead, less of a connection to the company’s direction, more formalities, more positional power and deference, and more politics.

    Just remember that no matter the company’s size, “the corporation is a soulless beast.” Remember that and you will be better positioned to retain your sanity, and not get hurt when the company does something that affects you.

    Congrats on your new job, and good luck! 🙂

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