Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

Overheard: Cooking with an iron skillet

From my friend Jason Buchanan via IM session:

> the other day the BBQ grill ran out of propane and I had forgotten that we were going to have steaks. so I hauled out one of my cast iron skillets and got it hot and put a big blob of butter in the skillet. my wife thought I was nuts but I explained to her that in french cooking everything (especially meat) is cooked in a skillet (on stove) with butter. she didn’t know how a filet and a sirloin strip would taste being cooked that way. I told her you could fry human shit in butter and it would taste good.

Job Status Update: Start Date Set

I start my new job at CenturyTel in Branson on September 15, one month after [daZZee](http://dazzee.com) shut down in Springfield. All that’s left to do is sign the offer letter and pass the “whiz quiz” and I go back to the working life.

Thanks to everyone who helped with prayer, advice, cash, food and even free workouts. Most will never know just how deeply we were touched by your generosity.