Daily Archives: September 13, 2008

Is it Monday yet?

I start a new job on Monday and it’s finally staring to feel “real” for me. Earlier in the week, Tammy and I went through my clothes closet, putting together some outfits for work. This job is a little different in that I’m wearing a shirt and tie each day so while I’ve got plenty of both, it was important to make sure they actually work with each other.

We found some ties that just didn’t cut the style standard any more, so they were out. One tie had a run in the fabric that I hadn’t seen before so it’s in the trash. The rest were paired with the right shirts and pants and I’m set for the week. It feels like the first day of “school” where you have to make new friends and find your place in the social structure

iPhone Update Delivers Solutions

[Apple](http://apple.com) shipped their latest (iPhone)[http://apple.com/iphone] software update, version 2.1, with fixes for several customer complaints including poor battery life. I applied the update last night and was rewarded with something I haven’t seen in quite awhile: a nearly full battery in the morning.

The update includes fixes for many other things like email handling, dropped calls, signal strength display and security fixes. One big issue for me was the phone’s responsiveness when searching contacts or switching “states” from home screen to contacts. There always seemed to be a large delay, a long as three seconds, when making the switch from one state to another, before the UI would allow me to interact. This had become a constant frustration and with the new software update, it’s completely disappeared.

I’ll post in a few days about call quality to see if it’s really changed.