Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

BigCo vs SmallCo

It’s 8AM and I’m enjoying the last few days of vacation. I can call it vacation now because I can finally relax after signing offer letters and a stack of other paperwork last night. Interesting differences between a big company and a small company:

* Paperwork! There’s more paperwork but it’s useful and written well, clearly enough to help me make sense of my new obligations.
* Healthcare is better and less expensive and it becomes effective on Monday when I start.
* I don’t have to front my own money on behalf of the company. With daZZee, if I wanted to take a client to lunch, it was my money going out the door and sometimes as long as 45 days before I got it back. With CenturyTel, it’s a company credit card paying for the meal.
* There’s a company car for business travel and each car has a gas card in the glove compartment
* There’s a 401(k) saving plan *and* a pension.