Job Status: Offer Pending

I got word yesterday from [CenturyTel]( that my offer letter is being prepped and the company president (!) has to approve my salary. My new boss was nice enough to push for a little extra to help cover the fact that I’ll be driving 80 miles round trip each day.

What does this mean?

* My new job uses the best experience gained from the last two jobs–design and pre-sales work.
* My new company is *very* stable
* Healthcare will be $150 less per month and I’ll get to stay with our existing provider.
* My pay will stay the same and the paycheck will come every two weeks instead of twice a month.
* We won’t have to deplete our savings
* I’ll start next week if all of the paperwork gets done today or Monday.

Once I have the offer letter in hand, I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to everyone who has kept Tammy and I sane through all of this. We’re in the home stretch–keep us in your thoughts and prayers.