Daily Archives: July 10, 2007

Proper Rails Routing is Very Rewarding

Redirects work easily in Rails. Modify the routes.rb file and the application can process it’s own redirects without messing with the server’s config files. This is handy for situations like my [wife’s business website](http://redbeedesigns.com) where her old content and URLs need to be preserved while the new stuff is being built.

Example: http://redbeedesigns.com/about and http://redbeedesigns.com/about.html look the same because the are exactly the same content generated exactly the same way.

Again, nothing new to a profession web developer, but gratifying nonetheless.

Tonight, time permitting, we’ll do some database work with the “[shop](http://redbeedesigns.com/shop)” page.

Zarah, the Race Training Overlord

So I agreed in June to be in a mini-triathlon in August. We’re coming up on a month away from the start and it’s time to crack the whip. Race Training Overlord [Zarah](http://beautyschooldropout.net) sent me the training schedule that she and [Matt](http://kerner.net) use and it’s a knee-buster.

Thursday morning is a BRICK (bike followed by run) which should tell me if I can really pull this off. I’m doing the triathlon no matter what–it’s not like I’ll win or place or anything–because the goal is more important right now than the result.