Daily Archives: July 24, 2007

Ride Ride Ride

Regular readers might remember that [I’m riding my bike again](http://www.houseofwarwick.com/2007/06/24/gettting-fit-on-a-bike/) and training for a race. Well, some of that has changed. I’m still riding, but the race is out. I’m too far out of shape to jump from the couch to a “sprint” triathlon in only 8 weeks. In addition, my early discipline was poor so it’s been more like 4 weeks of real training. Yuk.

Today I headed east of Springfield to hit some backroads with a group of people training for our local MS150 fundraiser. I got there late, got lost on the course and finished a hilly 6.5 miles in about a half an hour. I definitely got a workout, but it wasn’t the 24 miles the rest of the gang was riding.

Good things to note:

* I’m riding about 20% faster than when I started
* I’m able to out-ride the gears on my bike on level ground
* I bought “tri-shorts” and they make a world of difference
* I feel great because I’m making a difference in my life.

Bad things:

* I need better gearing on my bike.
* Spandex stuff only looks good on supermodels
* I need places to store stuff when I ride.