Daily Archives: July 2, 2007

Red Bee Designs is on revision 65

It’s only taken 65 revisions to get me to a slightly new [Red Bee Designs](http://redbeedesigns.com). It’s using a Flickr slideshow instead of an older custom job, mainly because it’s easier and has more features. It lets Tammy add new content faster until the main database comes up–that’s happening this weekend. I also changed Tammy’s photo to be more recent since the last one was two years old.

Two other artists have expressed interest in the core application and site design. I’ll talk to Tammy and see how she wants to license it. I’m thinking of charging per instance and for updates separately. Thoughts?

~stevenf: The Official stevenf iPhone Review

stevenf: “Finally, whoever invented the ‘magnifying glass’ interface for setting the text cursor position ought to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I’ve wasted tapping at a screen trying to get the text cursor to go exactly in-between those two letters right there NO NOT OVER THERE DAMN IT.”