Why bother with Frontier again?

I’ve asked myself the question “Why bother with Frontier?” many times in the last month.  I spent some time talking to people on the Frontier Kernel mailing list about getting involved with the project again.  I learned many things, including the fact that I’m not qualified to help in a meaningful way right now.  Sometimes […]

Rails Dev Update: AWDwR 2ndEd

The cryptic title doesn’t tell you much but I’d bet you’re interested, eh? I ordered the second edition of Agile Web Development with Rails today via the magic of the mobile web. The first edition was so good (and Rails development has changed at lightspeed) that I figured the $50 was worth it. I’m still […]

Proper Rails Routing is Very Rewarding

Redirects work easily in Rails. Modify the routes.rb file and the application can process it’s own redirects without messing with the server’s config files. This is handy for situations like my [wife’s business website](http://redbeedesigns.com) where her old content and URLs need to be preserved while the new stuff is being built. Example: http://redbeedesigns.com/about and http://redbeedesigns.com/about.html […]

Red Bee Designs is on revision 65

It’s only taken 65 revisions to get me to a slightly new [Red Bee Designs](http://redbeedesigns.com). It’s using a Flickr slideshow instead of an older custom job, mainly because it’s easier and has more features. It lets Tammy add new content faster until the main database comes up–that’s happening this weekend. I also changed Tammy’s photo […]

Radio UserLand Universal Binary Update

I’ve been working on and off on a Universal Binary version of [Radio Userland](http:/radio.userland.com/). I spent some time last night (late last night) working on the core issue, the code that handles the resources in the kernel. For the first time, I think I have a good idea of what really happens during startup with […]