42 revisions of the same old thing

So it’s 4:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday and I’m working on my wife’s website. I’ve made *huge changes*. [Take a look.](http://redbeedesigns.com)

So what do you think?

Same old thing you say? You’re almost right. All of the changes were under the hood. All of the code is managed with software that will help me keep track of revisions. I can revert to an old version of the site with a few simple commands. There are three working databases: test, development and production. All of the databases run from a single server and I can tell the application which database to use at any given moment. I’ve redesigned the server software so it now uses Ruby on Rails which makes dynamic web programming easier and faster not to mention more powerful.

Most of all, I’ve spent the time getting the infrastructure right so the rest is just programming. And isn’t that the fun part?