Daily Archives: June 26, 2007

New Bike?

I’m thinking about using some rewards points for a new bike. Opinions? I have a Raleigh “hybrid” bike today and it does a good job, but I’d like to pass it to my wife so she can ride. Here’s a picture if you want to make a choice based on looks alone.

Apple and AT&T announce plans for iPhone


Take a look at the bottom of the page for a chart. In the last column, $99 a month gets you plenty of minutes, unlimted data and mobile-to-mobile. That’s what I have today with Sprint and in March of 2008 when my contract’s up, you can count on me switching. The unlimed data is something I was hoping for and that means I can kill my Twitter notifications via SMS and use a Widget.

Sweet. Thank you AT&T for doing the right thing from the get-go with unlimited data plans!

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Today’s Tammy’s birthday, the first we’ve spent apart since we’ve been together for nearly 12 years. I miss her terribly as only a husband and best friend could. Since we can’t be together today, I’ve taken some steps to make sure she knows I’m thinking of her…

Happy Birthday!