Daily Archives: June 29, 2007

Tweets on 2007-06-29

  • @kerner Because you crave good ijdustrial design. #
  • @kerner I am wasting gas, running last minute errands before leaving town. #
  • 8:47am Leaving Springfield for Gatlinburg #
  • Start miles 69410 #
  • I ache to see my wife. #
  • @kerner I’d bet she’d be pissed. Give it a couple of weeks. #
  • Arriving in Sikeston, MO about 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Mileage: 69640 #
  • realizing that I made it from Rogersville to the east side of Sikeston in 4 hours including 20 mins in a Wal-Mart #

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My Last Day as a Pseudo Bachelor

I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve had to myself. I’ve picked up some new good habits and dropped some old ones. I’ve learned that I enjoy hard work toward a goal in which I believe (like cleaning the basement). I’ve also been reminded of just how hard my wife works to make our “life” easy.

The big things made a difference for sure, but it was the smallest things that stood out:

* Plants need water often to always look good when I come home.
* Newspapers don’t magically move from the driveway to the table and then to the trash.
* There’s a lot of mail that needs shredding on a *daily* basis.
* Bills get paid with minimal fuss.
* Clothes are hard to fold and look that neat.

I can’t wait to see Tammy, kiss and hug her and listen to all of her stories on the way home.