Monthly Archives: July 2007

Everybody's working for the weekend

I’ve spent the last three days doing some work for my brother-in-law’s new office. I put in a new phone system and helped some nice guys from a Des Moines tech company out of a jam by configuring their network switches. by the end of the weekend, I’m a bit tired of looking at a computer screen or thinking about technology.

Tammy and I are still in Des Moines for swhile longer. We’re making a run to the local upscale mall so I can say ‘hello’ to the Apple store and she can make a return or two. We’ll get lunch, fill up with gas and ice and then head home.

I feel like a smuggler; I have sweet corn a rye whisky in the trunk.

My Internal Clock

I’ve been finding that the more I exercise–no mattter the time of day–my internal clock gets more accurate. I woke up at daybreak after spending the night in a windowless room. Weird, eh?

Ride Ride Ride

Regular readers might remember that [I’m riding my bike again]( and training for a race. Well, some of that has changed. I’m still riding, but the race is out. I’m too far out of shape to jump from the couch to a “sprint” triathlon in only 8 weeks. In addition, my early discipline was poor so it’s been more like 4 weeks of real training. Yuk.

Today I headed east of Springfield to hit some backroads with a group of people training for our local MS150 fundraiser. I got there late, got lost on the course and finished a hilly 6.5 miles in about a half an hour. I definitely got a workout, but it wasn’t the 24 miles the rest of the gang was riding.

Good things to note:

* I’m riding about 20% faster than when I started
* I’m able to out-ride the gears on my bike on level ground
* I bought “tri-shorts” and they make a world of difference
* I feel great because I’m making a difference in my life.

Bad things:

* I need better gearing on my bike.
* Spandex stuff only looks good on supermodels
* I need places to store stuff when I ride.

Vacation mid-point

From here to there and back: “To paraphrase a friend, every family has its own level of disfunction; those who say their family doesn’t is just lying. It is so true – I saw every bit of it firsthand over the past week. But it’s what you deal with. And in the case of my family, it just adds to the … well, we’ll just say ‘character’ or ‘color’ of the group.”