Daily Archives: June 25, 2007

Back in the Saddle

One of the things that no one tells you about riding a bike is saddle sores. I’m sore in a place that you *only* feel when mounting the bike. Ouch! I rode again this morning, making a loop around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes of exercise. At 6AM, the streets are still mostly empty and that makes for an easier ride.

The iPod Shuffle that Tammy got last year (the one that looks like stick of gum has been very valuable. It certain relieves the boredom of riding but it’s hard to strike a safe balance in volume levels. Modern cars are quiet enough that you hear the tire noise long before the engine’s sounds. I think I’ll invest in mirror of some type. Recommendations?

Please Stop Shipping Beta Software

I’d like to ask all of the technology companies out there to stop shipping beta software. You’re lowering the benchmark for software. You’re giving people something that doesn’t work quite right for free. You’re delivering two sets of expectations to your customers. “Beta” is starting to mean “I’m not smart enough to figure out a fix to this bug”.

A beta test of software used to mean something. Tests were put in place and the testers (or users) had an expectation to test for bugs and report those to the programmer. Beta software has been used been many companies as a way to “ship” but give them an out when things go wrong. Instead of saying “we make shitty software” they say “it’s a beta!”

As of this morning, 4 of the top 25 listings of Mac OS X software on VersionTracker were labeled “beta”.

If it’s good enough to send to the general public for “beta testing” then ship it.