Chrysler's "Highway Hi-Fi Phonograph"

For Valerie…

Boing Boing: “Back when I was working at Cutler’s Records in New Haven, CT in the late (or was it mid?) 1970’s my manager Barry told me about these things and how they used to sell ’em like hot cakes back in the 50’s. He wasn’t the kind of guy to make shit up but I still found it kinda hard to believe that you could have a record player in your car. For some odd reason I was just thinking about it and managed to google up this article.”

4 thoughts on “Chrysler's "Highway Hi-Fi Phonograph"

  1. I’ve actually seen one of these! Back in the 80s, I had a burning desire for a ’57 Bel Aire and saw one for sale that had the turntable in it. Looked like a little portable record player. I can’t imagine it working well.

  2. Hey, about those record players, they were great. I had one in my 1962 pont/gran prix.
    They were about 12 inches square and about 5
    inces tall. You put the 45 rpm records in with the side you wanted to hear facing down. They held about 10-12 records and played great. Also, my system was wired to a reverberator that was mounted in the trunk. It was the top of the line in sound systems back then. Of course that was before the 4 track, the 8 track, the cassette plyr and the c/d plyr. Progress I say, progress. ha ha.

  3. PS. I grew up in West Haven Ct. Used to buy all my records at a little record shop on Howard Ave, not sure of the name but they always had a good assortment of oldies.

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