Safari is the Trojan Horse that carries Cocoa

Take a look at the image below:


Look familiar? It’s the standard MacOS X (OS X now, I guess) dialog sheet. Just how much of the Cocoa library is cross platform now? Try CoreFoundation and CoreGraphics. They are DLLs included in the Safari beta.

By the way, it’s interesting that the Safari beta wants to store my password in keychain, something that doesn’t exist on Windows.


Let’s add up some things:

Apple starts with QuickTime and (quietly) ports Carbon to Windows. Apple then adds iTunes to Windows using more of the Carbon library. In order to get iTunes 7 running on Windows, they port most of the Cocoa framework and it works fine. The roll out Safari to flesh out the bugs in the networking code. Next WWDC in 2008: Cocoa for Windows, Xcode one-click compile for Windows.

By then, Apple would have in place on Windows:

* Networking code done outside of Win32 libraries
* A software update mechnaism
* a Javascript/XHTML runtime
* A GUI library

Sounds like the iPhone developer platfrom, eh?

Widgets running on Windows as “Dashboard for Windows”…


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  1. I think they don’t have a choice if they want to put iPhoto, etc. on Windows, which they will if they want to satisfy Windows based iPhone users. I think they realize that not a lot of people except the web savvy use Flickr and Picassa, so they can open up in that area.

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