Checking the Manila-Blogger bridge in Radio

Checking the Manila-Blogger bridge in Radio

I'm experimenting with the Manila-Blogger bridge in Radio, in an effort to get my weblog mirrored on my Userland-hosted site ( and my main domain ( This is mainly an exercise of mild interest. I should be working on a new product for Radio, but more about that in other posts.

Update: I changed the bridge settings to match the correct upstreaming settings for the server at Userland. Let's see what happens!

Update 2: changed username to just the usernum instead of the weblog URL.

Update 3: did some quick Google research to no avail. If anyone knows the magic trick to make Radio upstream to the Userland server *and* FTP upstream to another server with the *same* content, post a comment and/or email me (srk at mac dot com)

Update 4:  re-enabled the bridge, pointing to

Update 5:&nbsp: made a quick change to the