Phil Wolff's interesting airport conversation

Phil writes an interesting bit about a conversation with another person at Logan airport in Boston:

Coming back from BloggerCon, I flew out of Boston's Logan airport Tuesday afternoon. While waiting for a flight I talked with an Israeli businessman. What an education for me. 

  • He no longer employs Palestinians because he doesn't know who to trust.
  • Police are sometimes hostile to religious Jews, citing them for walking off the sidewalk, shoving them off the sidewalk to do so.
  • That a horse typically won't move forward if you cover its eyes with your hands.
  • That foreign money remains the lifeblood of Arafat and the terrorists.
  • That America's airports still have no security compared to El Al. 100% inspection of bags, carry-on and checked. All passengers are profiled and vetted. All passengers are frisked. Stronger perimeters around the airport.
  • Unlike Israel, America has yet to harden factories upwind from Boston, so someone with an M-16 and a grenade could cause chemical gasses to destroy whole towns. Take down energy suppliers.
  • That 80% of Palestinians want peace. The current Palestinian president is Arafat's puppet, so don't expect movement on peace negotiations. You can't kick Arafat out or kill him without making things worse.
  • You can't give the West Bank to Jordan or Gaza to Egypt; they won't take them because of all the terrorists.  
  • That most Iraqi's love America.  

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