Daily Archives: October 14, 2003

@import /gems/warwick-radio.css

I pulled the CSS from the main Radio template and put it in a separate
file, hoping to cut the amount of KB I'm transferring.  I've been
talking to my webhost provider about the amount of traffic lately and
we've come up with some easy solutions.  I”m hoping to move my
images and enclosures to a separate server on a different piece.

Frontier, the out-of-date Definitive Guide

I've been reading Matt Neuberg's “Frontier, the Definitive Guide” on and off, trying to learn Radio and Frontier's UserTalk language.

I'm on page 42, for those of you who might have it. In fact, go get it, flip to same page. I'll wait

Done? Great. Here's the deal:

Matt says that if I write a script in an outline, then select it and paste it into an empty wptext window, it will render the script with the correct braces and such. See Example 4-5 if you are following along.

Well, in Radio 8.0.8, it won't do that. Yes, it's been 5 years since Matt and O'Reilly did the deed, but shouldn't that always work? Does anyone out there know why? Does it matter?

Side note: anyone recommend a better “How to learn UserTalk” book/doc?