Daily Archives: October 5, 2003

Recovery and Apology

To Andrew Grumet, an apology:  I felt horrible this morning for
two reasons–leaving you in the lurch and because three days of less
than 6 hours sleep caught up.  I spent the afternoon with my wife,
reconnecting with her after four days of pre- and during-BloggerCon
adreneline.  I'm about to get a cold, too; lymph nodes are swollen.

I've had a decent amount of sleep and will get more in the next few
days.  I got great interviews that I will post (with enclosures,
creating a new enclosure channel) especially one from Adam Curry. 
A consumate gentleman, Adam handled my amateur questions with a quiet
grace that few people of notoriety have mastered.  His interview
is my favorite.

All interviews will be uploaded as mp3 files, linked from the main page
and in the aforementioned feed.  Second fav:  Scott Johnson,
inventor of Feedster.  He's got a great product waiting in the
wings.  Ask him about it.

I'm also using BloggerCon as an opportunity to recharge.  When I
get back, I'm going to make some major changes in the weblog. 
Wait and see, comment if you like.