Monthly Archives: November 2003

How to smell like a laundromat. Among the featured designs at the National Design Triennial was the Demeter Fragrance Library. The company, run by Christophers Brosius and Gable, puts out perfumes, lotions, soaps, candles, and body gels with scents like Creme Brulee, Wet Garden, Funeral Home, Dirt, and Sugar Cookie. According to this article in Happi, the New Zealand fragrance was developed for the Lord of the Rings movie and Demeter's odd scents might have other…… []

Adam Curry on BigMedia and MJ

Adam's written a piece on the influence of BigMedia,
celebrities and a smattering of American culture. I can say without
reservation that it's right on target. We all need to read this and take a
look at our attitude toward each other. BigMedia plays us against each
other as a sport (specifically Jay Leno's remarks Adam cites).

Let's find a way to lead by example. Don't crucify someone until the
judgement is in. One day it might be you on the cross.

Darwin 7.0.1 and Open BSD notes

On a lark, I downloaded the ISO image of Darwin 7.0.1 for PPC and installed it on the iMac server. Neat. Worked fine, but my Unix is rusty so I barely got past creating a user in NetInfo. NetInfo is a great idea, but if you don't know it, it sucks. That's where I am now.

I've finished the download of OpenBSD and am burning it to a disk as we speak. I'll run downstairs later and try an install.

Radio home server changes

I've moved my Radio installation to our new eMac upstairs because the iMac server is going to be used in the new business. I'll spend some time this weekend wiping the machine and installing a virgin copy of OpenBSD or MacOS X 10.2.

Why is this important enough to post? Well, it changes some of the contents of my “Radio home server” post and I was able to test it using the “fast user switching” feature of Panther. It works!

What a difference four years makes:

Read the link and come back….

Check out the directory listing at the top of the page. Smile at Dave's old picture. Remember where we came from and read some of the posts. Not much has changed in concept (convince people to use new technology in new ways) but the adoption rate is *much* larger.

Here's a real gem from that page:$8047

Radio's aggregator has made me the happiest the most often, but it's doing something I can't control: deleting subscriptions. There's a pref setting “Number of errors before automatic unsubscribe” and you can put any number in there you want. Somehow, though, I've lost two subscriptions in the last three days.

I find this frustrating, but according to Steven Covey, “urgent but not important”. The event log is informative on some things, but not this. My only recourse is to go back to a page published last week and compare the subscription list (generated by mySubscriptions.opml at the time) to the one I currently have.

I wonder what new management will do for Userland? More money? More resources? Even better software?

All in the head:

With the wide availability of building materials I could build my own house, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t fall down. The suggestion that someone should try and produce their own print ads instead of focusing on their business and what they do best is absurd.