Dave's Social Experiment “Dave” has been running a social experiment to evangelize the uses of OPML and to lead aggregator developers to standardization. As a side effect, the OPML contributors have been asking for more data about their ad-hoc social groups. I'm one of those clammoring for more. I made an observation that I want […]

Who Subscribes? (updated)

update: Found out that Rogers Cadenhead subscribes, but prefixes the domain with 'www'. Thanks, Rogers! Also, some have not shared who subscribes to what sites, so there are others not counted here. To all, again, thank you. I'd like to thank six very nice people for reading my RSS feed. Dann's was one of my […]

Where's Steve?

It's been a few days without a post. Sorry about that. I've been rabid following a new mailing list that “Dave” set up for RSS users. In turn, I have spent some time viewing the Top 100 feeds on Dave's side project. Neat stuff. Makes my brain think and that's good.

THE MOST IMPORTANT IDEAS OF 2003 – PART ONE . This is the first of five articles in a series that will be published intermittently this month. This article summarizes what I believe were the most important ideas of 2003 in the world of blogs and blogging.  The other articles in the series will propose […]

A new post for the new year

Hello and thank you to all of my readers, large and small. 2003 was the year that I got on the blogging bandwaggon–what a wild ride it's been. At first I struggeled with blogging. While written in the English language (for me anyway), blogging is a different medium for communication. That means different rules and […]

Mark Pilgrim's Christmas gift

update: Mark's RSS feed no longer has the notice and still appears to be working. I received this “gift” from Mark Pilgrim today: Gift. The best things in life are not things. (11 words) Note: The “dive into mark” feed you are currently subscribed to is deprecated. If your aggregator supports it, you should upgrade […]

Ross posts this note about RSS Winterfest. Dave is leading off-good news. Notice the name: RSS Winterfest, not Internet Content Syndication Winterfest. Includes Atom, too. RSS Winterfest 2004. RSS Winterfest is a free two-day Webcast augmented by Socialtext Eventspace on, you guessed it, Internet Syndication and standards like RSS and Atom. We're also presenting alongside […]

Radio reads Atom feeds

So I hacked Radio to accept an Atom 0.3 feed. Or did I? Well, I subscribed to the feed using Radio's standard mechanism, it's internal webpage. It reported an error with channel title, but a page refresh showed it in my list of subscriptions. To be sure, I opened aggregatorData.root and deleted Mark Pilgrim's conventional […]