Brain dump on discovery infrastructure for personal content

Holy Sh*t!

This means that we need a subscription signalling infrastructure for the three fundamental methods of communication:

  • One to one.
  • One to many.
  • Many to one.

Content delivery uses:

One to one is email. One to many is RSS. Many to one BitTorrent.

So now we need a global infrastructure like we have for DNS, right? Signaling in a standard format what's out there for me, where it is, and how to get it. My aggregator knows how to get it because the infrastructure tells it where it is.

So why the expletive? Well, we've got all of the delivery methods in place, so let's stop trying to reinvent them and instead reinvent the way we dicover our own content. Home servers are coming closer to a reality, so we can store the content we have for others locally. We can backup content for us locally or leave it on the place where it came from, getting it when we want to, not when we have to.

(ever been so excited about an idea that you can't type fast enough?)

TiVo does this to some extent.

Think TiVo meets email meets BitTorrent meets iTunes Music Store meets personal publishing. That's the client.

Think DNS as the infrastructure. I need “”, where is it? My local DNS server sends me to the root and that sends me to Yahoo!'s DNS server. It returns the IP for the web/ftp/email/IM server. DNS is our content infrastructure now, we're just not using it for that now.

Enter your DNS servers in a Network dialog box to make your Internet access make sense. No more IPs for you! Just those simple to remember names. So now, open your aggregator and enter the content directory servers. Oops! Can't do that!

Apple/next used to do this with NetInfo, but for local resources. Now they are slowly redoing it with Rendesvouz.

Wow… brain empty for now. Man, this is exciting…