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Saddam Capture Leads to Miliary Advances in Iraq.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Meyers, on Fox News Sunday


WALLACE: There's some late news out of Iraq that I'd like to ask you about. First of all, a major sweep, arresting dozens, perhaps more than 100, Saddam supporters across the country. What can you tell us?

MYERS: Well, some of the information we gleaned when we picked up Saddam Hussein led to a better understanding of the structure of the resistance from the former regime elements. And we've — actually, we've picked up more than several hundred, at this point.

WALLACE: More than several hundred?


WALLACE: How many are we talking about?

MYERS: Well, I can't — I don't have an accurate count right now, because it goes on and it goes on. But a couple hundred detainees so far.

WALLACE: And how senior in the insurgency?

MYERS: Well, we think they're some of the leadership of this insurgency, absolutely, some of the cell leaders.

WALLACE: So what would you say this has done, sir, to the resistance?

MYERS: Oh, I think the capture of Saddam Hussein and the intelligence we gleaned from him is a big step in the inevitable process of Iraq's march to a democracy. And it's a huge step, but it's not the only step required. There's a lot of hard work yet to go.

The Democrats' Own Quagmire.

Fareed Zakaria analyses Howard Deanâs position.

“As a political strategy, the antiwar position is based on a bet that in six months Iraq will be at least as unstable and unsettled as it is now, and probably spiraling downward. If that is the case, the argument goes, President Bush's approval rating will keep dropping.

Perhaps. But if the situation in Iraq is scary, if instability is spreading across the country, America will be more fully and deeply engaged in a war with some very nasty enemies. In such a situation, will the average American—in, say, Pennsylvania or Michigan, states Democrats must win—look to Howard Dean to get them through the dangerous times, or to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Powell?”

The Story of Saddam's Capture.

The Special Forces commando had already pulled the pin. He was primed to toss the grenade into the “spider hole,” a Vietnam-era nickname for lethal hiding places. But the man cowering inside did not use the pistol resting in his lap. He raised both hands in submission and, speaking in English, announced, “I am Saddam Hussein, I am the president of Iraq and I'm willing to negotiate.”  One of the Special Forces operators looked down at the disheveled, bearded, seemingly dazed man and replied, “President Bush sends his regards.”

IMG: Saddam's spider hole

Chronicle: “A massive San Francisco power outage on one of the busiest shopping days of the year turned the normal chaos of the Saturday before Christmas into surreal confusion — disrupting traffic, shutting down two transit stations and disorienting thousands of suburbanites who visit the city only a few times a year.”

Ross posts this note about RSS Winterfest. Dave is leading off-good news. Notice the name: RSS Winterfest, not Internet Content Syndication Winterfest. Includes Atom, too.

RSS Winterfest 2004. RSS Winterfest is a free two-day Webcast augmented by Socialtext Eventspace on, you guessed it, Internet Syndication and standards like RSS and Atom. We're also presenting alongside some good folks…. [Ross Mayfield's Weblog]