Saddam Capture Leads to Miliary Advances in Iraq.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Meyers, on Fox News Sunday


WALLACE: There's some late news out of Iraq that I'd like to ask you about. First of all, a major sweep, arresting dozens, perhaps more than 100, Saddam supporters across the country. What can you tell us?

MYERS: Well, some of the information we gleaned when we picked up Saddam Hussein led to a better understanding of the structure of the resistance from the former regime elements. And we've — actually, we've picked up more than several hundred, at this point.

WALLACE: More than several hundred?


WALLACE: How many are we talking about?

MYERS: Well, I can't — I don't have an accurate count right now, because it goes on and it goes on. But a couple hundred detainees so far.

WALLACE: And how senior in the insurgency?

MYERS: Well, we think they're some of the leadership of this insurgency, absolutely, some of the cell leaders.

WALLACE: So what would you say this has done, sir, to the resistance?

MYERS: Oh, I think the capture of Saddam Hussein and the intelligence we gleaned from him is a big step in the inevitable process of Iraq's march to a democracy. And it's a huge step, but it's not the only step required. There's a lot of hard work yet to go.