I am jobless

Folks, I’m out of a job.  For the first time in more than ten years, I’m looking for work.  This means I’m open to any idea that help me pay my bills and avoid being a statistic.

The company I work for folded up, closing the offices they have in Springfield and Rogers, AR and that left me on the street.  I knew it was coming, but only by a week.  In that time, I’ve been putting the word out that I’m looking, but now I’m trying to keep the money coming in.

The time for pride is passing, so let me be clear.  I need something in 30 days or less or Tammy and I could be your new roommates.

2 thoughts on “I am jobless

  1. My “standard reply” to this situation in people’s life may (or may very not) be welcome by you… but I can’t not say it because 1) I care for you as a friend and a fellow human, and 2) I believe it 100%…

    Remember the situation is not determinative or causative in any way. That’s (next to) impossible for us to believe, or see, when we’re in the MIDDLE of it — when you’ve LOST your job — but it’s true. What could I do to assure anything? To cause anything to happen? This doesn’t mean we are just led along without choice or will or anything else… but it does give us peace when we understand that “it” (whatever it currently is) is not up to us. Job… baby… relationship… even our own life.

    Does this mean you’ll have a great job within a month? I don’t know. But I know you’re going to have all you need… whatever that looks like… so I pray you’ll have peace in that if nothing else.

    Of course I pray too that you will have an amazing job within a month as well!!

  2. Steve-

    When one door closes, another one always seems to open. You will come out of this stronger and probably with a better job than the one you had! We have several openings at Duck Creek right now. I encourage you to look at the postings on our website at http://www.duckcreektech.com and see if any of them look interesting to you. Let me know if I can help in any way!

    Robin Robeson

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