Jobless: Day 2

I had two interviews yesterday and both look like very serious job prospects and would allow me to start immediately. One is for a competitor of my old company and I would be able to work for them with the blessing of my old boss. That has a lot a appeal because basically nothing would change–pay, work, products–are all the same.

The other job is back to my roots in IT. I’d be a local IT admin for global company and work on their phone systems too. In that case, pay would likely be the same, but everything else would change. I would be out of the “sales” race and working on projects that were driven by business goals and not sales comp goals.

The IT admin job is one I’d rather have. The sales environment is wearing on me. I’ve been doing it for 9 years, asking and answering some of the same questions and seeing more disappointments than successes. The sales side has huge benefits both technically and financially, and this company has a track record for success.

I’m not stopping yet, so today is a “get organized” day. I’m moving contacts from my old setup in Outlook to a new on one of our house computers. I can then make lists of names to call and set up appointments to meet and maybe find jobs. I don’t want to be to presumptuous so I ask for help, not a job. People like to help people (self included) and I’m hoping that approach nets the biggest gains.