Daily Archives: August 31, 2008

Getting started with Mac programming

I mentioned in a previous post that I was starting the process of what’s after “what’s next?” and that means learning to build Mac software.  I have been through a couple of tutorials before and learned a decent amount about object-oriented programming, but I never spent enough time with it to become even remotely proficient.

This time, I’m starting with a new perspective, one that’s easier to swallow for me: infrastructure.  I know it sounds weird, but there’s logic behind this.  I need to learn to write an app, but I also need to learn how to efficiently build and sell software.  The rules for building and selling are the same no matter how big or small the app is.  So here’s what I’m thinking: build a simple test app and build all of the infrastructure around it.  That means things like help files, customer support forums, billing and serial numbers, an online store, merchant accounts and more.

Much of this can be done for free or very cheap and it will all be needed when the next app is built, something with greater value and more users.  Here’s the list of things I need–add comments if you think I missing something:

* a website for the software company that contains basic links to contact and support info, product pages and an online store

* a payment system and serial number generation system

* on online help file that mirrors the one built in to the application

* a way for people to download new apps and a method to allow replacement copies or serial number mailers