I have met the wall and it is me

I hit my emotional and mental wall today.  I had myself a good old-fashion cry.  Work is weird and not very satisfying.  My home is a mess and my interactions with Tammy have been short and frustrating.  I desperately want to return to a life more normal but more than that, I want to move from this house to 1424 S. Charing.  It’s the right house for us.  I know we’ll be there and I know we’ll make it through this, but man, this is hard work.

So you’re asking yourself, what would make him break down?  Try living for one month with constant clutter, disorganization, irregular meals, no social life while performing physical labor for 12 hours each day. Top it off with a bathroom in shambles so you can’t even shower in your own house.  All of the time, every time the phone rings, you fear that the call is to tell you everything you’re working for is for nothing.

Don’t tell me *you* wouldn’t break down at some point.  I made it almost three weeks.

1 thought on “I have met the wall and it is me

  1. Bon courage! Miserable things frequently happen on paths toward goals.

    Loved the bystander culture post, btw. Applicable to human society, not just the interwebz? I just hope I’m one of the 5,000 making lists.

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