Bush & Sons, General Contractors.

Bush and Sons, General Contractors

Call Me Fishmeal.: “And of course, there was the damage to the area around the toilet caused by old Jim Blackwater. Oh, yah, I totally agree, I’m not even gonna argue — he is one creepy dude. I’ll give you that. I’m not gonna pull yer leg, Mrs. Ross — he’s not really a contractor. No license, no nothing. He’s just a drifter who really likes tools, but he was too kooky to ever get a license. But, you know, recently we’ve been a bit short on men, so we thought, hey, he has his own hammer, and chances are good that at least SOME of the things he’ll hit with it will be nails, so, why the heck not? I mean, it’s not our money we’re spending, so you can see our thought process, right? Look, I’m real sorry if he’s been givin’ your daughter the creepy eye, but to be fair you gotta admit she shows a lot of leg for a 15-year-old.”