Daily Archives: September 10, 2007

Return of brubeck

I brought [brubeck](http://www.houseofwarwick.com/2006/08/17/more-on-writing-a-mac-app/#more-59) out of retirement today to see how the old guy would hold up. Actually, it’s every bit as good as my MacBook Pro. I’m running native software on the correct platform with MacOS X 10.4 as the OS. It’s remarkable how fast this is.

I’m writing this on MarsEdit 1.1.2 and it’s clear how far [Daniel](http://redsweatersoftware.com) has brought things along. I miss the Flickr integration already.

I do enjoy typing on the smaller keyboard. It has a greater key travel with a hit of ‘plastiky’ flex at the end. Even the key surfaces remind me of good days gone past–the left Command key is nearly worn slick.

*brubeck* is a time capsule, last used briefly in April this year when I thought I might sell it. The time before that? December 31st of 2006! It’s in need of a new PRAM battery (I think, since the clock isn’t right at startup) and the backlight intermittently dies when moving the screen hinge through its travel.

For an Apple iBook manufactured in 2002, it’s still useful.

Thanks, Apple!

Shopping in 1999 A.D.

Boing Boing Gadgets: “From the film 1967 1999 A.D., a short sponsored by the Philco-Ford Corporation, showing what home shopping would be like three decades in the future. Although they missed the frenetic pace of today’s online shopping experience—the housewife’s browsing looks almost leisurely—they guessed correctly on the abundance flat-panel screens (with multiple monitors, no less), even if they were off by about a decade. Oh course, they didn’t quite put together that we’d still be using keyboards for input.”

Acorn 1.0

[GusMueller blog]: “Sometimes when you work alone, you start to talk to yourself. After time, you might even interview yourself.”

Gus pulled this trick over the weekend. Acorn, his new bitmap image edit is out. A had a brief chance to beta test before the public release and was impressed with the app’s overall polish. It took me three uses to figure out the new toolbar palette–mainly because it made too much sense and I was overthinking it!

Head over and pick up a copy and support indie Mac developers.