Monthly Archives: October 2007

WordPress 2.3.1

Running WordPress via Subversion repository is amazing. To update, you simple backup the database, type “svn up” at the command line and “poof!” it’s done. Of course, setting things up in Subversion is a bit more than magic but it’s well worth the time. I’ve done every upgrade for the last four versions this way and it’s amazing. It’s also the easiest way to keep with things like security updates.

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Daring Fireball: “The argument for Time Machine’s game-like UI isn’t that it’s more usable, but that more people will use it. That’s actually more important in the case of backup software: there will be data saved that would otherwise have been lost if Time Machine instead sported a more traditional, straightforward visual appearance, because there will be some number of users who will have turned Time Machine on in the first place only because it looks so damn cool. It’s results that matter most, and the result of Time Machine is going to be that more Mac users will be backing up their data regularly than ever before. For some Mac users, who otherwise still wouldn’t be backing up regularly, it’s going to end up being the most important feature Apple has ever added to the Mac OS.”