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Amazon MP3 Store better than iTunes

Based on [John Gruber’s review](, I purchased some sweet Jimmy Smith DRM-free music from Amazon. What John missed in his review was the “feel” of the site. Amazon seems like an old-skool record store and iTunes feels like the red light district of music Amsterdam. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but the [iTunes storefront]( is full of smirky artist’s faces that say “check out how famous I am for being on iTunes”.

For the record, the albumn I bought was Jimmy Smith’s Home Cookin’ and it’s fantasitc. I’m ready for Amazon to sell TV shows and movies the same way.

What makes you think you're the only ones who *get it*?

From here to there and back: “Save the attitude. Sure, maybe we’ve hung onto some of that music for too long, unable to appreciate all the new sounds out there. But what you are going to find, as far as music goes, is that you set the soundtrack for your life between the ages of 14 and 21. Beyond that, you, too, will find it difficult to expand your listening into other areas. The music that you grew up with will stay with you. Much of it is disposable – look back at any list of what was hot in the 60s, 70s, or 80s, and a lot of it is crap – but some of it will have endurance. After all, we all still consider the Beatles great”

I’ll differ with Cindy on the last sentenance. While pioneers, the Beatles are not great. They did what they did first and most famously of any in their generation. The Beatles song catalog for me is a reminder of what someone else thought was great.

As for the rest of her rant about teenagers in the source piece, she’s spot on.

More on the Amazon MP3 Store

Daring Fireball: “Which brings me to the jackassiest comment of the day regarding Amazon MP3, from Jupiter Research analyst David Card to the Associated Press: ‘In and of itself, (Amazon MP3) isn’t enough to change any market share. They have to do a good job at building their store.’ Well, perhaps Amazon can find a book or something about how to build a successful high-volume online store.”

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