Macs Really Do Run Windows Better

~stevenf: “Let me stress this point: The retail boxed version of Windows WOULD NOT ACCEPT the license key from the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY that was INCLUDED IN THE BOX WITH MY PC. The recovery discs are the only way to get the OS back onto the PC without burning an unnecessary second Windows license.”

I really wonder why people still use Windows. I have a Mac that runs the Mac OS natively, the Windows OS via a hardware abstraction/virtualization hack (aka [Parallels]( and if you want to get technical, runs Unix at the core and good ol’ DOS inside of Windows. All of this without bloat, slowdowns and more. Right now, I’m running a Mac web browser (Safari) plus Windows via Parallels running Outlook 2003 for my corporate email. I get two computers, better battery life than Windows and a machine that goes to sleep and lasts for hours.

I’m not a Mac “fanboy”. I’m a “getting on with my life” fanboy. Why aren’t you?

2 thoughts on “Macs Really Do Run Windows Better

  1. Thanks. Steven Frank is a developer and founder of Panic Software and he’s seen enough of both sides to not biased.

    Nice to see you on the ol’ blog…

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