Living with regret

I sold my Xbox and everything with it on Friday. By Saturday I had seller’s remorse and my Monday the full impact of the transaction had hit hard. Yes, I made a decent payback on the console but I’d lost the camaraderie. No more “Halo Night” on Monday. No more late-night sniping sessions with friends, laughing and having a blast.

Why did I do it?

I thought it would help me feel less possessed by technology. I didn’t realize that it had become such a part of who I was–a geek. Now I’m living with regret. Friends tell me to get an Xbox360 and another copy of Halo 2. Since I’m about $250 short, that’s not very practical.

I’ve picked up consulting jobs in the past doing some light programming or web design. Now that I’m running WordPress, I may be able to do that again.


If anyone needs some light PHP work done or WordPress templates created, let me know. I’ll even work for trade–if that trade comes in the form of a Xbox360.

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