A great end to tonight's smoke

Pictures can say so much. Here’s one of tonight’s pork roast. The “stripe” across the top is due to tong operator error. Otherwise, it had a good crust and simple flavor. We will be using this for sandwiches all this week and a cut off the end confirms it. I think I’m ready to try a pork shoulder.

The smoke went well but I got lucky with the heat. This time it *still* maintained 225˚F for two hours with the vents mostly closed for the first hour and all of the way open for the second hour. When you consider how much food was in the smoker, I think I did OK.


2 thoughts on “A great end to tonight's smoke

  1. looks delicious to me, and very well done for using a smoker. I’ve only used Brisket to do that, now I want to try a roast.

  2. I can confirm last night’s smoking was excellent. The pork chops were outstanding, the chicken will make terrific sandwiches and this pork roast is perfect. I agree it’s time to get out the big guns and do something monumental like ribs or a pork shoulder. Pork, it really is the other white meat!

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