Daily Archives: July 23, 2006

A great end to tonight's smoke

Pictures can say so much. Here’s one of tonight’s pork roast. The “stripe” across the top is due to tong operator error. Otherwise, it had a good crust and simple flavor. We will be using this for sandwiches all this week and a cut off the end confirms it. I think I’m ready to try a pork shoulder.

The smoke went well but I got lucky with the heat. This time it *still* maintained 225˚F for two hours with the vents mostly closed for the first hour and all of the way open for the second hour. When you consider how much food was in the smoker, I think I did OK.


Getting Life Done

For the benefit of regular readers, I want to give everyone some background on why the switches from Radio UserLand to Squib to Radio and finally to WordPress for blogging.

I’ve been thrashing a bit, that’s for sure. Thrashing is an old server admin term where the server thrashes about trying to get it’s job done. It reads and writes to memory and disk so fast and so often that it’s “thrashing” or moshing like a concert-goer.

My tech life had degraded to that point, no matter what I wanted to do to deny it. Radio UserLand was slow and the aggregator was deliberately frustrating. For example, it won’t correctly read Atom syndication format website feeds. It won’t properly translate some characters in RSS feeds and instead replaces them with accented captial letter “A”s. I couldn’t post remotely from Flickr or my cell phone. In otherwords, I was forcing myself to use a broken tool.

WordPress is easy to install if you’re a geek and if you’re not, it’s still pretty easy. I was up in the promised “five minutes or less” and I had wanted to, I could have imported my old Radio UserLand content. The old content is not popular with anyone but Google and me with two exceptions: the hummus recipe and anything about the WSM. That said, I’ve added the recipe back and it’s linked on the front page again. As far as the smoker, I’ll post about it like before and maybe it will get it’s own site someday.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Tammy and I fired up the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker (WSM) this afternoon. I’ve got a variety of meat, all bought on the cheap:

* a 2 pound center cut pork loin roast
* 2 think center cut pork chops
* 2 whole chickens, quartered.

The chicken has only salt and pepper since we are going to use it on a variety of food later. The other meat has the Penzey’s Bicentenial Rub and Northwoods — both good for pork.

Also, I’m firing with half charcoal and half maple wood branches from the yard, hoping for a great “outdoors” flavor. Let’s hope I get two and a half hours of heat out of the fuel because I realized too late I’m out of charcoal.

What about old Radio UserLand content?

Statistical analysis says that only Google cares about my old Radio-related content, with few exceptions. I’ll go through my logs in detail next week and move some static content about Radio to static pages here. If I get mod_rewrite working, the Apache god living in my server will redirect people automatically.