Text Messaging For Americans.


Tell me the truth. Are you someone who is reading this site, has a modern mobile phone but has never sent a text message? Come on… let it out. Are you?

Okay, in celebration of the New Year, where literally BILLIONS of text messages will be sent over the next 24 hours around the world in what has become a new tradition we're going to have a little text fest here to get things started in the States.

Okay. First, if you don't know how to send a message from your mobile, simply drop a message in the comments with your phone model and carrier and I or one of the other Mobitopians or maybe one of the dedicated mobilized readers of this blog will help walk you through it.

Then, you send a message to 415 994 7917, which is one of my extra mobile phones which is now turned on and powered up waiting your messages. As the messages come in I'll post them to the weblog.

Then, after you've played, you can then send out messages to *everyone* in your mobile phone book. HOORAY! The U.S. Joins the rest of the world in Peace, Love and Textual Intercourse.

If you're another blog, please link to this. Let the movement begin!



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